Smokey's Volcano Rock Mixtape

The early hours of Jingle Jangle are usually my favourite. Not only is it the calm before the storm, but we get to play a bunch of slow stuff like a lot of the exotica songs on this mix.

There was a big market for novelty songs in the 50's and 60's, and exotic themes of the day such as the pacific islands and the jungle formed the basis of not only the music, but the venues. Tiki bars were sprouting up throughout the states, with the majority in hot coastal areas such as Miami.

Often the songs were covers of hits of the day, though you would also get a bunch of great original songs that may have only been heard at a single nightclub such as the title track of the mix.

Without question these are some of the best songs I have. So pour yourself a Blue Lagoon and sit back to the sweet and exotic sounds of Smokey's Volcano Rock Mixtape.

All killer, No filler


01) My sweet watusi / Mindy Carson 2:15
02) Summertime / Dave Baby Cortez 2:21
03) Voodoo Doll / Glenda & Glen 1:48
04) Mama's Place / Big Day 2:05
05) Lily's Lament / Helen Grayco 2:33
06) Malaguena Salerosa / The Limeliters 3:07
07) Besame Mucho / Sherry Malibu 2:50
08) No Love Like My Love / Mckinley Mitchell 3:03
09) Shadow Street / Kip Tyler 2:34
10) Expresso Sorento / The Raydons 2:45
11) Islands Of Love / The Impacts Five 2:18
12) Shadago / Arty Lee 2:29
13) Bo mambo / Yma Sumac 3:21
14) Seize Tonnes / Jacques Hellian 2:49
15) Volcano Rock / Tommy Mercer & The McBrides 2:01
16) Two Hearts Are Better Than One / Al Martino 2:28
17) Apache / The Chiefs 2:26
18) Ninety Nine Years / Guy Mitchell 3:03
19) Sugar Daddy / Priscilla Bowan 2:24
20) Fever / La Lupe 2:45