Jingle Jangle #11

It's true what they say, that you don't know what you've missed until it's gone, and for a while there folks it seemed we would be consigned to the annals of history like Studio 54.

However, I prayed for days, listened to a lot of gospel and the Lord spoke to me, he said "it's not time yet Smokey", and tears began to well in my eyes and I rose up and shouted in my loudest voice "Lord, you are a GOODGOD are you not - then grant me... but one wish before I part this sodden place!"

Well my prayers have been answered because after a 4 month hiatus Jingle Jangle returns to Sydney's favourite backroom dive - GOODGOD Small Club.

There will be drinking AND There will be dancing, lots of dancing, to the finest soul, gospel, calypso, blues and rock & roll this side of the equator!

So please join hosts Smokey LaBeef & Smart Casual, as we remove the glad wrap from GOODGOD and turn the temperature up 200 degrees.

$5 entry. 9pm till late.